ABOUT jenn jackson

Hair Stylist - MakeUp Artist - Global Educator - Motivational Speaker

I am an Electrical Engineer turned Hair and Makeup Artist.  Its quite an interesting marriage, and part of, what I think makes me an interesting artist. 

"Engineer + Artist = extreme fusion of analytical/technical and creative artistry"

I love uniqueness in everything.  I am a music fanatic.  If I wasn't doing hair and makeup,  I'd be an attorney or an interior designer.  I've been told that I have a "big" personality.....and that I've never met a stranger.

I work with hair and faces that cross all boundaries in texture, complexion, gender and ethnicity.

I believe ART is a vehicle...it is ever transforming.  As it constantly changes, so does the various perspective of each viewer.  

"True artistry is in the ability to bring out natural beauty."  It is from that foundation that creativity is built upon.  Having worked in many genres (commercial, editorial, TV, film, video, executive/corporate education, global education) the goal with each project is simple.... "to see through the eyes of the client and bring their vision to life!"


HD (High Definition) Airbrushing and Traditional Makeup

Highly Textured Hair and Hair Extensions

Hair and Makeup Executive Education and Marketing